About Us

As the name suggests, Thirty One Gifts sells gift items. Most of them are gift items that women can feast on, from handbags to purses etc. Thirty-one gifts don’t work the traditional way (and some would say “boring”). In contrast, ThirtyOneToday  Gifts’ business model is revolutionary: it sells an army of direct selling “consultants”.


And you can also join this army of direct sellers and make money doing something great: selling gifts at “parties.” Getting started is easy, and with the right commitment, you can earn big money as a Thirty-One Gift Consultant.

Thirty One Gifts hires thousands of independent contractors to sell their products directly. You can get involved too, especially if you find the idea of ​​setting your own work hours and earning unlimited income appealing. In practice, becoming a Thirty One Gifts consultant is not difficult and you will receive all the resources you need to be successful, including advice and training.


As a Thirty One Gifts advisor, you can log into your MyThirtyOne account anytime, anywhere with internet access. Once registered, you will be able to follow the progress of your business and access the various online resources for Thirty One Gifts consultants.

To become a Thirty One Gifts consultant, all you need to do is contact one of the Thirty-One Gifts consultants, will be happy to guide you through the process. If you do not know a Thirty One Gifts advisor personally, visit the Thirty One Gifts website (see our “Helpful Links” section for the address) and click on the “Find Your Advisor” link. On the page that appears, click the I need a counselor bar, fill in the required information, and you will be connected to a Thirty One Gifts advisor for assistance.

Once you have become a Thirty-One Gift Consultant, you can visit the MyThirtyOne website (see the “Helpful Links” section) and register or log in.

ThirtyOneToday is an online shopping portal or e-commerce site. Millions of products are available on the same platform. In addition to buying, people can also become suppliers and sell their own products to customers.